Custom Bearings or Assemblies

Silverthin is here to translate your specific needs into tangible, high-quality custom solutions.

Why opt for Custom Bearings & Assemblies?

  • Unique Operational Demands: When off-the-shelf solutions can’t meet specialized performance or durability requirements.
  • Space Constraints: Customized bearings can be designed to fit into spaces with specific dimensions or unusual shapes.
  • Integration with Other Components: Custom made bearings can be designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems or assemblies.


  • For the Aerospace Industry: We craft bearings that stand up to extreme temperatures, pressures, and vibrations, ensuring resilience in challenging environments.
  • In Medical Equipment: Precision is paramount. We tailor bearings that align with the meticulous requirements of medical devices and equipment.
  • For Robotics & Automation: Efficiency and adaptability take center stage. Our custom bearings cater to the dynamic needs of modern automation equipment, ensuring optimal performance.

Our Customization Process

  • Consultation: A deep dive into your project’s requirements, constraints, and desired outcomes.
  • Design & Prototyping: Crafting initial designs and prototypes for review, ensuring alignment with your vision.
  • Testing & Refinement: Rigorous tests to validate performance, with iterative refinement based on feedback.
  • Production & Delivery: Once perfected, your custom bearings or assemblies are produced and delivered, ready to make a positive impact in your equipment.

Contact our Engineers

Let us know about your specific your custom bearing or assembly requirements, and one of our engineers will be happy to review your needs and help you find the product that will best fit your specific application requirements.