Supplier & Quality Requirements

This document contains the contractual Quality Assurance Requirements that is applicable to all Mechatronics Groups Purchase Orders. The general quality assurance requirements 1-13 apply to all purchase orders.

Specific Mechatronics Quality Clauses (QR) may be called out on the face of Mechatronics Solutions. purchase orders as applicable.

  1. Receipt of this purchase gives the right of entry by the organization, their customer, and/or regulatory authorities to verify product quality and documentation.
  2. The supplier shall be responsible for flow down of all the requirements and provisions of Mechatronics Solutions. purchase order applicable to the supplier’s subcontractors.
  3. Suppliers system shall assure that the latest applicable drawings, specifications and quality requirements are agree with current purchase order requirements. Unless otherwise specified, specifications utilized shall be the latest revision in effect as of the date of the purchase order.
  4. The supplier is required to maintain a minimum of 90% on time delivery (OTD) and a minimum of 95% quality performance.
  5. The supplier is required to provide training to their employees regarding their contribution to product and service acceptance and conformity; their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.
  6. Supplier shall maintain quality records on file as objective evidence of conforming material furnished per purchase order requirements and the records shall be available upon request by Mechatronics Solutions., its customers and/or regulatory agencies for a minimum of 10 years after shipment.
  7. Supplier shall maintain a Quality system. ISO9001 or AS9100 is preferred. Suppliers may conform but certification is the expectation.
  8. Supplier shall maintain a metrological calibration system in accordance with NCSL-ANSI Z540.3, ISO 10012 and/or ISO/IEC 17025. Standards used for calibration must be traceable to National Institute for Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.). If the supplier is unable to comply with these standards, contact your buyer.
  9. Supplier shall notify Mechatronics Solutions. of changes to product, processes, suppliers and facilities that affect Purchase Order parts or services.
  10. Suppliers are required to maintain a Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) prevention program, which includes prevention and elimination of Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) from the manufacturing processes and work area. Suppliers are responsible for flow down of these requirements to their sub-tiers to ensure Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) free products.
  11. To prevent the unintended use of unapproved or counterfeit parts and materials, all parts and components delivered and/or used in the manufacture of deliverable products shall be from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or their franchised dealer or authorized distributor. Parts shall not be used or reclaimed and misrepresented as new. Parts shall not be procured from independent distributors or brokers unless specifically authorized in writing by Mechatronics Solutions. When necessary, the supplier shall flow this requirement to their sub-tiers.
  12. Upon notification from Mechatronics Solutions. buyers, that the material/product/service furnished by the supplier is found discrepant, the supplier shall promptly notify the buyer, in writing, of adequate and acceptable corrective action taken to eliminate the cause of discrepancy. The supplier shall complete the requested corrective actions by the assigned due date. Failure to meet the assigned due date will adversely affect the supplier’ s quality rating. Extensions may be granted. Contact your buyer if an extension is required.
  13. Mechatronics is a federal contractor and complies with the following affirmative action regulations:
    • Executive Order 11246, as amended (41 CFR 60-741)
    • Section 503 of the rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (41 CFR 60-741)
    • Vietnam Era Veteran’s Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended 38 USC §4212 (41 CFR 60-300)

In compliance with these requirements, Mechatronics hereby notifies you that as our subcontractor, vendor, or supplier your organization may also be subject to the regulations outlined above. The equal employment opportunity clause set forth in 41 §CFR60-1.4(a), 41 CFR §60-300.5(a) and 41 CFR §60-741.5(a) are included by reference into all of the transaction between our companies. It is our policy to extend opportunity in employment to all individuals without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin, disability or veteran status.

The specific quality assurance requirements listed below apply when referenced by code on the applicable purchase

QR 10
Certificate of Conformance (C of C) is required.
C of Cs must list the following:
– Purchase order number
– Vendor’s name and address
– Part number and revision level
– Manufacturers part number (if applicable)
– Country of origin
– Batch or Lot Number
– Date of manufacture
– Expiration Date (if applicable)
– Signature of Authorized Agent
QR 20
Under no circumstances shall a supplier or a supplier’s sub-tier perform any repair without specific written authorization from Mechatronics Solutions.
QR 30
All shipping containers must be labeled on the outside with Mechatronics’ purchase order number and copy of the pack slip detailing all contents shall be attached to the outside of the container in such a manner as to prevent loss or damage. If, applicable, the Vendor must clearly indicate on exterior packaging hazardous material or any chemical known to cause cancer. (Ex: cadmium, lead, chromium, hexavalent, polybrominated biphenyls, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers.)
QR 40
All deliverables must not come in contact with, or been exposed to, mercury bearing instruments or equipment, or mercury in any other form. A signed Mercury Free statement is required.
QR 50
All deliverables must be accompanied by the following certifications:
Manufacturer’s certification of conformance according to MQR 10, raw material certification, test reports, process certifications, distributor certifications of conformance, and any third-party certifications (as applicable.) A trace sheet must be included showing the part lot and all sub-component lots.
QR 60
First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) required. First article shall be performed and documented according to AS9102, unless otherwise noted.
QR 70
For all deliverables with limited or specified shelf life, the Vendor shall indicate the date of manufacture and the expiration date on all labels. Specific handling and storage requirements must be indicated on certifications. The remaining shelf life at time of delivery must be no less than 95%.
QR 80
Lube date and expiration must be indicated on part labels and recorded on applicable certifications (MQR 10).
QR 90
Source inspection at Vendor’s facility is required. Inspection shall be requested and conducted prior to shipment. When deliverables are ready for inspection, Mechatronics Solutions. purchaser is to be notified. All pertinent data, including drawings and product specifications shall be made available to Mechatronics Solutions. representatives on site.
QR 100
8130 tags are required.
QR 110
FAA PMA part markings and certification are required.
QR 120
FAA PMA markings must not appear anywhere on the deliverables or their accompanying certifications.
QR 130
Deliverables must be 100% inspected to all drawing specifications.
QR 140
Deliverables must be serialized. Serialized part numbers must be visible on each complete unit and recorded on applicable certifications (MQR 10).
QR 150
DFARS reference can be found here
QR 160
Special processes shall be performed by sources that are accredited by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP). This requirement applies to Vendor and all sub-tier Vendors.
QR 170
Any purchase order noting a US Government Contract number and associated Priority Rating shall be executed in accordance with the Defense Priority and Allocation System Program.
QR 180
The Vendor shall not mix lots or combine sorted/reworked parts with new production parts. Parts from different lots or from sorted or reworked lots can be delivered to Mechatronics provided each lot is segregated and clearly marked.
QR 190
Deliverables must be RoHS compliant. Certificate of RoHS Compliance required with each shipment.
QR 200
Deliverables must be REACH compliant. Certificate of REACH Compliance required with each shipment.
QR 210
PPAP Test Reports required.
QR 220
Vendor warrants that, after conducting due diligence of its supply base, no tantalum, tin, tungsten and/or gold or any other “Conflict Minerals” (as defined in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Form SD, 17 C.F.R. 249b-400, “Form SD”) are contained in any Deliverable subject to this Purchase Order, or originated from a source determined to be located in the DRC or adjoining countries (Angola, Congo, Central Africa Republic, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Zambia.) Vendor agrees to define, implement and communicate to its sub-3s its own conflict minerals policy outlining its commitment to responsible sourcing, legal compliance and measures for implementation.
QR 230
Vendor will provide Mechatronics with any additional information requested by Mechatronics with respect to such Conflict Minerals and maintain traceability records for ten (10) years.
QR 240
Suppliers shall ensure, through their processes and/or a formal program, against the receipt of unapproved or counterfeit parts/materials into their inventory, against their use in manufacturing, and against their being sold to other suppliers. Suppliers processes and/or formal program shall be similar to, and meet the intent of SAE AS6174, Counterfeit Material; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Material, AS5553, Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition; AS9100, Quality Management Systems –
Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations and/or AS9120, Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation,
Space, and Defense Distributors.

Unapproved or Counterfeit work –

(a) For the purposes of this MQR, WORK consists of those parts delivered under this purchase order that are the lowest level of separately identifiable items (e.g., articles, components, goods, and assemblies). “Unapproved or Counterfeit Work” means Work that is or contains items misrepresented as having been designed and/or produced under an approved system or other acceptable method. The term also includes approved Work that has reached a design life limit or has been damaged beyond possible repair but is altered and misrepresented as acceptable.
(b) Supplier shall not deliver Unapproved or Counterfeit Work under this purchase order.
(c) Supplier shall only purchase products to be delivered or incorporated as Work directly from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM)/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or through an OCM/OEM authorized distributor chain. Work shall not be acquired from independent distributors or brokers unless approved in advance in writing.
(d) Supplier shall immediately notify Mechatronics Solutions. with the pertinent
facts if supplier becomes aware or suspects that it has furnished Unapproved or Counterfeit Work. When requested, supplier shall provide OCM/OEM documentation that authenticates traceability of the affected items to the applicable OCM/OEM.
(e) This clause applies in addition to any quality provision, specification, statement of work or other provision included in this purchase order addressing the authenticity of Work. To the extent such provisions conflict with this MQR, this MQR prevails.
(f) Supplier shall include paragraphs (a) through (e) and this paragraph (f) of this MQR or equivalent provisions in lower tier subcontracts for the delivery of items that will be included in or furnished as work to Mechatronics Solutions.

QP-4203 Rev: B Effective: 06/26/2020