Other Applications

Silverthin proudly offers Gimbals and Lazy Susan / Turntable bearings, in addition to the thin section bearings, slewing ring bearings and custom bearings & assemblies. Due to Silverthin’s decades of experience manufacturing and specifying specialty bearings, as the needs of the application have become more precise, so do the considerations of the bearing solutions. Silverthin has the application and manufacturing experience to specify, build and deliver the right Gimbal and Lazy Susan / Turntable bearings for your application.


Silverthin supports the growing need for advanced
and properly specified Gimbal bearings. The Gimbal
bearings are specialty ball bearings/races commonly
used in applications where stabilization and precise
movement are essential in less-than-ideal conditions.
The term “Gimbal” refers to a pivoted support that
allows an object to rotate freely in multiple directions.

Some of the common applications for Gimbal bearings
today are:

  • Surveillance and security for military, civil authority and civilian
  • Satellite communications
  • Vision systems
  • Targeting systems
  • Weapons platforms
  • Stage and entertainment lighting
  • Film and television cameras
  • Metrology
  • Marine applications



Silverthin is proud to offer their top of the line, Lazy
Susan / Turntable bearings. These bearings are
typically installed in applications that do not require
high speed rotation, allowing for a smoother rotational
motion. There is a variety of size ranges to meet your
application needs.

Some of the more common applications for Lazy
Susan / Turntable bearings today are:

  • Robotics and Automation systems
  • Tabletop servers
  • Military equipment
    • Radar systems
    • Missile launchers
  • Excavators and earth-moving equipment
  • Cranes and Lifting equipment