Separator Types

In thin section and slewing ring bearings, separators play a vital role in ensuring optimal performance, reduced friction, and increased bearing lifespan. At Silverthin we provide a diverse range of separator types, each tailored for specific bearing configurations and operational demands.

Thin Section Bearing Type C (Radial) & Type X (Four Point) Separator Types Include:

  • Nylon, segmented “Snapover” (N)
  • Brass, “Snapover” (P)
  • Nylon, one piece, “Snapover” (L)
  • Phenolic, one piece “Snapover” (D)
  • Stainless steel, one piece “Snapover” (T)
  • Special/Custom: Crafted to meet specific operational needs. (Z)

Thin Section Bearings Type A (Angular) Separator Types Include:

  • Brass, one-piece, circular pocket (R)
  • Nylon, circular pocket (G)
  • Phenolic, one-piece, circular pocket (H)
  • Stainless steel, one-piece, circular pocket (U)
  • Full complement, no retainer, filling slot required: For applications that require maximum ball complement. (F)
  • Special/Custom: Crafted to meet specific operational needs. (Z)

Slewing Ring Bearing Spacers, Spacer Balls & Separator Types Include:

  • Spacers: Typically crafted from durable plastic material, spacers are integral in preventing direct rubbing between balls, ensuring smoother operations.
  • Spacer Balls: An alternative to spacers, these are slightly smaller balls positioned between each load-carrying ball, offering an efficient separation solution.
  • Separator: In certain applications, the parameters may necessitate the use of a specific separator. Contact Silverthin Engineering for the most suitable options based on your application requirements.

Elevate Performance with the Right Separator

The choice of separator, spacer, or spacer ball can significantly influence the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of your bearings. At Silverthin, where precision meets performance, we are here to help you discover the ideal separator solution for your application with our legendary service.