Renewable Energy

Welcome to Silverthin, your bridge to a brighter, cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Thin section bearings are used in many renewable energy sectors including Solar, Wind and Hydropower. Thin section bearings are employed in the turbine assemblies in Hydropower equipment providing necessary support for the rotor.

As the world pivots towards embracing renewable resources, we stand as a pivotal partner, ensuring efficiency in small wind turbines, precision in solar panel positioning mounts, seamless operation in solar panel gearboxes, and reliability in energy storage flywheels. In this transformative era, our slewing ring and thin section bearings are at the heart of your green energy endeavors.

In the world of small wind turbines where every gust of wind holds the promise of clean energy our thin section bearings and slewing rings ensure these turbines capture every ounce of wind’s potential, turning breezes into power.

Turn your gaze skyward, as do solar panel positioning mounts. These structures must align with the sun to harness its vast energy, and our slewing ring bearings play an indispensable role, ensuring mounts pivot smoothly for optimal solar capture throughout the day. Thin section bearings are also used at the base of solar devices including thin-film solar cells allowing smooth slow rotation to follow the sun for increased exposure.

Solar panel gearboxes are essential to converting solar energy and with Silverthin bearings your gearboxes experience minimized friction and maximized energy conversion, all thanks to our application engineering support.

Energy storage flywheels are the reservoirs of green energy ready to release power at a moment’s notice. Silverthin bearings ensure the flywheels maintain their momentum, storing energy efficiently and releasing it seamlessly when called upon.

At Silverthin we aim to elevate the renewable energy sector by ensuring every component operates at its peak, every project sees its potential realized with our legendary products and engineering support.