Oil & Gas

At Silverthin we blend engineering mastery with an understanding of the complex and dynamic universe of Energy, specifically Oil & Gas. In a sector defined by intricate processes like downhole and directional drilling, pipe inspections, riser connections, rig rotations, blowout prevention, and marine operations, every component becomes a testament to precision and reliability. Thin section and slewing ring bearings are used in pipe welding and inspection equipment both on land and offshore.

We understand the world of downhole drilling units and the relentless conditions they operate under. That is where our thin section bearings thrive despite the high pressures, temperatures, and often high contamination environments these units function in while keeping safety, efficiency and reliability in check.

We know pipe inspection equipment is a critical cog ensuring the health of your operations. Our bearings are right there, ensuring these inspections are thorough and accurate. For riser connections – a world where there’s no room for even the tiniest misalignment – our slewing ring bearings ensure stability and precision, offering enhanced load-handling capacities.

Your rotating rig equipment requires continuous, reliable rotation that is driven by Silverthin’s specialized bearings, facilitating seamless drilling. Slewing rings are commonly used in top drive systems. These robust bearing designs support the heavy weights of the drill string and the torque generated during drilling operations. These are also used in swivels enabling controlled rotation while maintaining a seal to prevent fluid leakage. The essential blowout protectors and power swivels, guarding against unexpected surges and maintaining flow, are empowered by the durability and resilience of our bearings.

At Silverthin we are your strategic ally committed to legendary products and services that power your Oil & Gas endeavors. Every bearing we craft, every engineering solution we propose is aligned with the unique challenges of your operations. This symbolizes our unwavering dedication to an industry where every rotation and movement can define success.