At Silverthin our thin section robotics bearings are widely used due to their compact design, precision, and versatility in the evolving realm of automation. We stand as the backbone of cutting-edge robotic movements with our advanced bearing solutions.

For welding robots our thin section bearings play a vital role ensuring the joints move with impeccable accuracy. This results in welds that are not only strong but also seamlessly executed. Robotic end effectors such as grippers and tool changers require bearings that can handle both radial and axial loads while still maintaining low friction. The versatility our thin section bearings offer makes them the go-to choice for various robotic systems from industrial automation to space exploration and medical robotics.

Dive into the domain of handling robots, where a single misalignment can spell logistical challenges. These robots must balance speed with caution, and Silverthin slewing ring bearings ensure their every twist and turn is smooth, keeping logistics streamlined and safety uncompromised.

We understand manufacturing robots are integral machines in modern production lines. This is where the combination of our thin section and slewing ring bearings facilitates faster and more precise operations, transforming production lines into models of efficiency.

Silverthin is proud to be a part of space exploration projects. Especially supporting the Mars Rover with our specialty thin section bearings built for space applications as humanity sets its sights on the cosmos.

Silverthin’s mission is to provide legendary products and engineering support for robotics and automation applications with optimized bearing designs, while boosting machine productivity, and ensuring seamless equipment operation.