At Silverthin we support the innovation and precision requirements for the fast-paced world of semiconductor applications. Our thin section ball bearings are integral components in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, contributing to the precision, cleanliness and reliability required for the fabrication of semiconductor devices.

Our thin section semiconductor bearings are used in high-speed spindles in silicon wafer dicing and cutting equipment providing low friction with high rotational accuracy and stability at very high speeds. They are also used in positioning and aligning wafers, masks and other components as well as in linear guides and stages.we embed our expertise into every corner of the semiconductor manufacturing landscape through our state-of-the-art thin section and slewing ring bearings.

For wafer transfer systems that require delicate and precise placement of probes and positioners down to the nanometer Silverthin bearings are essential. Our thin section bearings are instrumental in ensuring your semiconductor components glide seamlessly while upholding extremely tight tolerances.

Pick-and-place robotic arms powered by our slewing ring bearings become the very pulse of production lines, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every movement.

Vacuum deposition systems rely on our specialty-coated bearings and etching systems with their demands for exactness, benefit immensely from our bearings setting the gold standard for semiconductor fabrication.

Quality assurance is the cornerstone of semiconductor technology. Especially for inspection equipment, sonic cleaning systems, precision-driven measuring systems, and mechanical polishers, our thin section bearings ensure every micro-movement supports industry benchmarks with unparalleled reliability.

Silverthin is dedicated to fine-tuning your semiconductor manufacturing capability, bolstering productivity, and ensuring our bearings stand as pillars of reliability in your operations with our legendary products and service.