Thin Section

Deflection and Stiffness

As with all bearings, Silverthin Thin Section bearings are subject to the effects of external and internal loads (preload). These performance characteristics are important factors for Designers and Engineers for reasons including:

  • Application accuracy
  • Movement of components
  • Vibration considerations

Deflection is the amount of radial, axial or angular (moment) movement that a bearing will exhibit. If there is clearance in the bearing, the initial amount of loading will consume the clearance, and subsequent loading will deflect the ball and ball path.

Silverthin Engineering can provide deflection curves, stiffness curves and a stiffness matrix for each bearing or pair of bearings. Curves will be developed using a range of loads in the axial, radial and moment direction. The stiffness matrix uses specific unchanging loads for each matrix. Separate matrices can be generated for every desired loading condition. These curves are independent of rotational speed.

Contact Silverthin Engineering to request any of these curves for your bearing application, as well as for consultation to provide the best possible solution for your performance requirements.

Below are typical stiffness and deflection curves, in this case for a small duplex pair of Type-A bearings assembled with axial clearance in the pair. Note that the curve starts from the left at a steep angle which represents the removal of internal clearance under load. The curve then becomes more gradual, indicating deflection between the balls and ball path.

ux [µin] uy [µin] uz [µin] ry [mrad] rz [mrad]
Fx [lbf] 0.329 -0.583 0.006 113.989 226.192
Fy [lbf] -0.584 1.436 0.004 -152-998 10.589
Fz [lbf] 0.006 0.004 0.592 277.070 152.998
My [in-lbf] 0.114 -0.153 0.277 4874.080 -22.877
Mz [in-lbf] 0.226 0.010 0.153 -22.877 11760.185