Slewing Ring

Service Factors

service factors

To determine if a Silverthin™ Slewing Ring bearing is appropriate for an application, a SERVICE FACTOR is applied. Refer to the table below for a guide to the service factor to apply to your application. The load rating curves shown in this catalog are approximate and represent an application service factor of 1.00. To determine the required bearing rating, multiply the applicable service factor by the applied loads on the bearing, and compare the resultant loads to the load rating curves.

Class of
Typical Considerations Application Examples Minimum
LIGHT Well defined loading Tire mounted light duty construction 1.00
Loading well below capacity Light duty index table 1.00
Rotation slow, < 10% of time and intermittent Light duty industrial manipulator / robot 1.00
Light duty hand operated mechanism 1.00
Light duty medical devices 1.00
Light duty aerial platforms 1.00
Welding positioners 1.00
Rotating signs / displays 1.00
MEDIUM Well defined loading Track mounted light duty construction 1.10
Loading near or below capacity Scrap yard construction 1.25
Rotation slow, < 30% of time and intermittent Medium duty industrial manipulator / robot 1.25
Conveyors 1.10
Rotary tables 1.25
Capstans and turnstiles 1.10
Wastewater treatment 1.10
HEAVY Loading not well defined Forestry handling equipment 1.50
Loading beyond machine capacity Heavy duty index tables and turntables 1.50
Shock loading can occur Excavators 1.50

If you require any assistance in determining an applicable service factor, or would like a more detailed load rating curve (recommended if your service factor adjusted applied loads fall close to, or beyond, the load rating curves shown in this catalog), please contact Silverthin™ Engineering for assistance. Please note that the equipment designer is responsible for determining the correct service factor, often validated by testing.