Medical Systems

Silverthin is where cutting-edge innovation melds with unparalleled precision for Medical Systems. High precision thin section bearings are used in centrifugal blood analyzers in medical facilities across the globe. Medical equipment bearings are designed for high-speed rotation, are sealed and lubricated with medical grade materials.

In sectors that tread the line between science and miracles – such as prosthetics, X-ray technologies, diagnostic tools, robotic surgeries, and cancer therapies – we appreciate the profound gravity of each component. Recognizing that the performance of every bearing is crucial we offer specialized thin section and slewing ring bearing solutions to enhance the medical frontier.

In a prosthetic designed to restore mobility with its joints, ensuring smooth, life-like movements our thin section bearings are essential. They provide the flexibility and responsiveness that make modern prosthetics functional wonders.

When you venture into the radiology room, where X-ray arms move with precision, powered by our thin section and slewing ring bearings. These ensure accurate positioning, allowing clinicians to spot the smallest anomalies, critical for early intervention.

In the world of medical diagnostics, our bearings play a pivotal role in devices that detect, analyze, and pave the way for timely treatments. Whether it’s a diagnostic or treatment scanner or a high-resolution ultrasound machine, the precision offered by Silverthin bearings is crucial.

In demanding medical applications such as robotic surgery, where the surgeon’s skill is magnified by technology, our bearings ensure that every incision, movement, and suture is precise, enhancing patient safety, treatment and recovery. Similarly, oncology treatment equipment relies on the reliability and accuracy of our thin section and slewing ring bearings to deliver targeted therapies with pinpoint accuracy.

At Silverthin, we’re forging a partnership rooted in a shared mission of advancing healthcare with our legendary products and engineering support. Our bearings reflect our deep commitment to this mission, designed meticulously to meet the high stakes and demands of medical systems.