Engineering Support Overview

At Silverthin, our goal is to be your complete source for bearing-related engineered solutions to all of your critical application needs. Using the Silverthin Flexible Manufacturing Method, we have the capability and experience to review and analyze your requirements and work with you to develop and optimize bearing needs. While many of these solutions are based at least in part on standard dimensional designs shown in this catalog, Silverthin also provides custom engineered and higher-level assembled solutions and services.

If you are working on an application, contact Silverthin Engineering now for guidance and support at the earliest stage of your efforts. Our engineers are standing by ready to assist you.

Some of what Silverthin can offer you include:

  • Bearing Failure Analysis and Recommendations
  • Lubrication Analysis and Recommendations
  • Solid modeling and models
  • Drawing and Datasheet Generation
  • Class 1000 Clean Room cleaning, assembly and packaging
  • Varied and specialty cages, toroids and slug designs and materials (brass, nylon, phenolic, PEEK, Vespel, stainless steel, etc)
  • Varied and specialty seal, shield designs and materials (BunaN, PTFE, Viton, etc)
  • Ring base materials of AISI 52100, AISI 440C, Cronidur, 17-4PH, M50 and others
  • Rolling element materials of 52100, 440C, Ceramic, 17-4PH, M50 and others
  • Special grinding and duplexing, heat treatment / heat stabilization, hardness
  • Solid coatings for corrosion resistance as well as lubrication
  • Complete Application Review

Complete Design Services:

  • Tolerances and Runouts
  • Custom diameters and widths
  • Special features such as gears or mounting holes
  • Mating components and assemblies
  • Thin-walled parts
  • Special lubricants for all application needs
  • Vacuum Impregnation and centrifuge
  • Specialty packaging
  • Standard and special preload and clearance specifications
  • Torque testing including max torque and torque variations
  • Custom inner geometries such as conformity, ball path depth, surface finish
  • Bearing Life Optimization
  • Shaft and housing fit evaluation and recommendations
  • Assembly method evaluation and recommendations
  • Space Heritage experience

Technical and Analytical Information:

  • Estimated bearing torque
  • Application Evaluation at wide or extreme temperature ranges
  • Bearing Thermal Resistance and Conductivity
  • Static and Dynamic Life
  • Deflection and Stiffness
  • Multiple bearings and bearing type evaluation and analysis
  • Impact of changing parameters
  • Ball Gapping
  • Contact stress evaluation
  • Contact ellipse size and truncation evaluation
  • Extreme environment evaluation such as Space, Vacuum, Corrosive, Chemical Exposure, Extreme or Varied Temperatures, High Speed, Dithering Motion
  • Shaft and Housing Fit Analysis and impact of performance such as Life and Torque