Rolling Elements

Choosing the Right Rolling Element

Silverthin is at the forefront of offering a variety of rolling elements tailored to your needs.

Why the Choice of Rolling Element Matters

  • Material Compatibility: Different applications demand different resistances, be it to corrosion, heat, or wear and tear.
  • Load Capacity: The right rolling element can enhance a bearing’s ability to manage and distribute loads.
  • Operational Speed: Depending on the material, rolling elements can influence the speed at which bearings operate.

Rolling Element Options

Our range of rolling elements includes:

  • AISI 52100: Renowned for its high hardness and excellent wear resistance, this is a popular choice for many standard applications.
  • 440C: A stainless steel option that offers great corrosion resistance, making it ideal for applications exposed to challenging environments.
  • Ceramic (Silicone Nitride): Exceptionally light and hard, ceramic rolling elements offer lower friction and are ideal for high-speed applications. They also excel in resisting corrosion and electrical conductivity.
  • Custom Solutions: Contact Silverthin Engineering for custom rolling element options for your application.