Industrial Machinery

Welcome to Silverthin where space optimization, weight reduction and precise movement are crucial to overall equipment performance for your Industrial Machinery. Especially when it comes to automation, packaging, textile creation, agriculture cultivating or trimming equipment, food processing, and much more.  Silverthin industrial machinery bearings are designed for continuous, high-speed rotation and are sealed to protect against containments.

For complex automation system requirements where milliseconds matter and every movement is precise our thin section bearings ensure accuracy. They enable the seamless coordination of robotic arms and conveyor systems, and the uninterrupted flow in material handling.

In the world of packaging and pallet wrapping, our bearings make sure your products are safeguarded and ready for market. Every twist, turn, and wrap is executed with unparalleled precision, a testament to the quality and reliability of Silverthin’s legendary products and engineering support.

We know the textile industry, where tradition intertwines with innovation at every step. Machines hum and whirl, threads weave and our slewing ring and thin section bearings ensure uninterrupted and precise manufacturing. Similarly, in food processing our bearings are integral to ensuring hygiene, precision and consistency, making sure what reaches our homes and businesses is of the highest quality.

Beyond these, think of wastewater treatment systems, pipe cutting equipment, or tire manufacturing machines, Silverthin bearings uphold the standards of efficiency, quality and precision.

At Silverthin, we’re an integral cog in your vast machinery, ensuring its optimal operation. With Silverthin at your side you’re embracing expertise, understanding, and a drive towards a future where machines are optimized.