Heavy Equipment

Welcome to Silverthin, where resilience meets precision in the Heavy Equipment realm. In a world dominated by cranes, grapples, log loaders, mill and mining equipment, every component plays a pivotal role. At Silverthin we combine precision with strength and resilience to develop a robust bearing solution for your Heavy Equipment needs.

When you see a crane as a towering symbol of urban progress, stabilizing heavy loads and moving them with pinpoint precision our slewing ring bearings ensure smooth motion and stability with heavy loads. These bearings allow cranes to rotate smoothly, ensuring that they operate efficiently and safely.

Our slewing ring bearings are in the grapples that embrace logs with unmatched force, or where feller heads masterfully cut timber. In these demanding environments, our thin section and slewing ring bearings are hard at work, ensuring seamless functionality and longevity. Their lightweight design and robust build mean that they fit perfectly into these heavy-duty applications without adding unnecessary bulk.

Mining isn’t just an industry; it’s a testament to human endurance and engineering prowess. Beneath the earth, in conditions that challenge the very definition of durability, our slewing ring bearings provide the vigor and reliability mining equipment demands, making sure operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Our extensive range of thin section and slewing ring bearings are crafted to elevate the capabilities of your heavy equipment with our legendary products and service. Let’s build a foundation of success together.