Aerospace & Defense

At Silverthin precision and innovation are at the forefront of every Aerospace and Defense bearing we manufacture ensuring high performance, lightweight, and compact designs. Silverthin engineers custom bearing designs for space flight and satellite applications due to thin section bearings being exceptionally lightweight where every ounce of payload matters to reduce the cost of launch.

Whether it’s the unwavering reliability, precision and sophistication of aircraft systems, guided missiles and rockets, the technology behind UAVs, spacecraft mechanisms, avionics equipment, and gun barrel mounts streamlining aim, at the heart of each mechanism our thin section bearings play a pivotal role.

We can further customize our bearings with different materials, finishes, and even unique innovative designs.  Silverthin customized bearings range from specialty coatings and lubrications to endure the harsh environment of aerospace and defense to space launch applications. Our custom bearings ensure reliable performance over the course of the mission even when exposed to extreme temperatures, vacuum, and radiation conditions leading to a more efficient and robust design. All of our coatings excel in corrosion resistance, and our standard Thin Dense Chrome has been tested and trusted in vital aerospace and space missions, such as the Mars Rover.

Consider ground combat and security vehicles with their intricate operations that are further optimized with our slewing ring bearings. These bearings also lend critical accuracy to target acquisition and tracking systems and the reliability of radar systems and satellite dish installations demand. Whether in targeting and weapons platforms, earth observation satellites, or antenna pedestals, the integration of Silverthin’s slewing ring bearings are vital.

Our vast range of thin section bearings and slewing ring bearings are tailored to the rigorous demands of the Aerospace and Defense applications. With Silverthin, it’s about partnership, guidance, and a commitment to legendary service. Let’s grow together into a future where precision, reliability, and shared expertise underscore every mission in your Aerospace and Defense endeavors.