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Thin Section Ball Bearing Applications

Medical Equipment Rotary polishing equipment
     X-ray - MRI Rotary pipe cutting equipment
  Rotary welding equipment
Semi-conductor equipment Rotary actuators
Rotary work holding tables
Aerospace - auxiliary equipment
(not flight critical)
Gun turrets Turntables
Gun Barrel Mounts Indexing tables
Missile launchers Machine tools + Lathe accessories
Radar equipment Robotics
Radar drives  
Antenna pedestals Packaging equipment
Satellite antennas + Pedestals Labeling machines
Truck mounted communication equipment Food processing equipment
  Bottling equipment
Optical equipment Converting equipment
     Telescope bases Wallpaper + Screen printing
     Camera mounts Textile + Knitting machinery
     Optical drivers Tire production equipment
     Security camera mounts Wire handling, winding, + Bonding equipment
Sensors Oil well equipment
Mounts for Sensors + Equipment      Blow out protectors
Instrument mounts      King post bearing applications
Gimbals + Gimbal assemblies  
  Gear boxes
Slip rings Transmission gear and chain
Rotary unions + Rotary joints Clutch backstops
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