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Life - Load and Speed (rpm) Formulas
To calculate the theoretical L10 life in hours while including application dynamic loading, application speeds(rpm) and defined catalog load capacities(C) use the following industry standard formula.

Life Load and speed Formula

C = dynamic rating in catalog
P = application applied load
S = application speed in RPM
L10 = theoretical bearing L10 life in hours

ABMA-Industry Radial Caacity Formula
Dynamic load ratings in catalog (Cr) are derived using the following Industry standard ABMA listed formula.

Industrial Radial capacity Formula


Cr  = basic radial dynamic load rating
fcm  = factor for material, geometry,
         tolerance, quality, and race finish
Dw = ball diameter in inches
z  =  number of balss per row
i   =  number of rows of balls
alpha = nominal contact angle of the bearing
      in degrees.

Bearing Cross-section
“C” type radial loading with one floating bearing
Bearing Cross Section
“A” type "F" pair & floating “C” type mounting
Bearing Cross Section
“A” type DB pair
“C” type radial
thrust floating
Bearing Cross-section
Back-to-back mounting
Bearing Cross-section
“X” type & floating
“C” type mounting
reversing thrust load
& radial loads
Bearing Cross-section
Face-to-face mounting
bearing duplex angular contact

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